Dichter : Baring-Gould, Sabine (1834-1924)


Sabine Baring-Gould was born at Exeter, January 28, 1834.

During his youth he lived much in Germany and France. He was graduated from Cambridge in 1854, ordained in 1861, and became curate at Horbury, 1864, serving also the mission at Horbury Bridge. In 1867 he was transferred to Dalton, and in 1871 he became rector of East Mersea, Colchester. When he succeeded his father in the estate at Lew Trenchard, Devon, he exercised his privilege as squire and patron by appointing himself as rector there. Here he died on January 2, 1924.

His energy and industry were inexhaustible and is said to have more works attached to his name in the catalog of the British Museum than any writer of his time. His writings cover the fields of biography, travel, history, fiction, poetry, and song.

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