Throughout the universe a song is  heard - the song of the creation praising its Creator. We hear it at the singing of the birds, at rushing brooks and the swirling sounds of the wind; at the rustling sound of falling leaves, and the rumbling of the thunder in the distance; we find it in the soft breeze of silence, and in the sound of the waves; but above all we find it in the soul of human beings, whom God has endowed with the most expressive sounds of all. In the song of the creation, the human being is the lead singer.

The glorious being of God has unlock the human soul to wondrous admiration, and mankind's words of praise reach out to the infinite; the soul acquires wings and soars upwards where it dwells in the sunshine of His benevolent countenance.

By uniting the art of music and poetry, mankind has created a special kind of song to express its deepest and holiest thoughts towards God. This is the hymn, its melody by nature restricted, and its form subjected to metre and repitition. And yet, when couched in the language of prayer, faith, praise, and self-commitment, its range extend from the most intimate recesses of the heart to the sublime regions of the heavens.

Hymn of the Day

Holy Ghost of faith and power,
teacher of God's discipline;
O Creator and Endower,
bearing heav'nly fruits within.