Dichter : Carney, Julia Abigail (1824-1908)


Julia Fletcher Carney (April 6, 1823 - November 1 ,1908) was a writer and teacher.

Julia was born in Lancaster, Massachusetts. She began writing verses in early childhood, contributing poems to juvenile periodicals when she was only fourteen. She was educated at Lancaster academy, and became a primary school teacher at the age of twenty-one.

In 1849, she married Thomas J. Carney, a minister in the Universalist Church. The couple had nine children, four of whom died in infancy. Julia wrote many articles and poems for the religious periodicals of her denomination and the various periodicals of her day. She also wrote a series of Sabbath-school instruction books which were used for many years in the liberal churches. A number of her verses were also set to music and used in worship services. She achieved world fame for her poem "Little Things" written in 1845. She died at Galesburg, Illinois, and is buried in the Hope Cemetery.

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