Dichter : Burton, Henry (1840-1930)

Henry Burton was born in 1840 at Swannington, Leicestershire, in the house where his grandmother, Mrs. James Burton, in 1818 organized the first Wesleyan juvenile missionary society.

His parents moved to America in his boyhood, he was educated at Beloit College, Wisconsin. After his graduation he became a local preacher in the Methodist Episcopal Church and acted as a supply for the brother of Miss Frances E. Willard and also for six months as pastor at Monroe, Wis.

He returned to England, and in 1865 entered the Wesleyan ministry. His labors have been chiefly in Lancashire and London. He married the sister of Rev. Mark Guy Pearse, the well-known Wesleyan preacher and author.

Burton is the author of the commentary on St. Luke in the Expositor's Bible series of commentaries and also of Gleanings in the Gospels and Wayside Songs, 1886. In 1900 he received the degree of Doctor of Divinity from Beloit College. His famous little poem titled "Pass It On" has been set to music by no less than ten different composers.

Burton died in 1930 at Charnwood, West Kirby, Birkenhead, Cheshire, England.

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