Dichter : Clausnitzer, Tobias (1618-1684)

Born: Feb?ru?a?ry 2, 1619, Thum (near Anna?berg), Sax?o?ny.

Died: May 7, 1684, Wei?den, Up?per Pal?a?tine.

After stu?dy?ing at var?i?ous un?i?ver?si?ties, and fin?al?ly at Leip?zig (MA 1643), Claus?nitz?er was ap?point?ed chap?lain to a Swed?ish reg?i?ment in 164. In that po?si?tion, he preached the thanks?giv?ing ser?mon in St. Thomas? Church, Leip?zig, on Rem?in?is?cere Sun?day (se?cond Sun?day in Lent), 1645, on the ac?ces?sion of Christ?ina as Queen of Swe?den. And a?lso the thanks?giv?ing ser?mon at the field serv?ice held by com?mand of Gen?er?al Wrang?el, at Wei?den, in the Up?per Pa?la?tine, Jan?u?ary 1, 1649, af?ter the con?clu?sion of the Peace of West?phal?ia. In 1649, Claus?nitz?er was ap?point?ed first pas?tor at Wei?den, and re?mained there un?til his death (he was al?so ap?point?ed lat?er a mem?ber of the Con?sis?to?ry, and in?spect?or of the dis?trict).

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