Komponisten : Ahle, Johann Rudolf (1635-1673)

Johann Rudolph Ahle was born December 24, 1625, at M?hlhausen, Thuringia. He studied theology at the universities of G?ttingen and Erfurt. He was appointed cantor of St. Andreas Church and director of the music school at Erfurt in 1646. Eight years later he was given the lucrative post as organist at St. Blasius?s Church, M?hlhausen, to succeed Johann Vockerrodt. In this town he became an influential citizen. He was elected to the town council in 1656 and made mayor in 1661. He died on July 8, 1673.

Ahle was a well-educated German organist and composer. While at Erfurt he became known as one of the most radical reformers of church music. He originated the sacred aria, sacred vocal works. He wrote over 400 spiritual songs for the different Sundays, festivals, and other special days in the calendar. Although florid writing was in vogue at the time, Ahle avoided polyphonic counterpoint and confined himself to the simple chorale style. Many songs of his are still popular in Protestant churches in England and America. Ahle?s son, Johann Georg Ahle, was also a composer of hymns and poet laureate to Emperor Leopold I.

Ahle?s works include Compendium pro tonellis, 1648, a treatise on singing, and Neue Geistliche Arien.

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