Komponisten : Excell, Edwin O. (1851-1921)

Born: De?cem?ber 13, 1851, Stark Coun?ty, Ohio.

Died: June 10, 1921, Chi?ca?go, Ill?i?nois. He was on an evan?gel?ism tour with Gyp?sy Smith at the time of his death.

Buried: Oak Woods Cem?e?tery, Chi?ca?go, Ill?inois.

Son of a Ger?man Re?formed Church pas?tor, Ex?cell start?ed his work?ing life as a brick?lay?er and plas?ter?er. His love of mu?sic called him though, and he went to Chi?ca?go, Il?li?nois, to stu?dy un?der George Root. Ex?cell went on to found sing?ing schools at var?i?ous lo?ca?tions in Amer?i?ca, and to ex?pand in?to the re?li?gious field, work?ing with evan?gel?ist Sam Jones for two de?cades. Ex?cell al?so wrote over 2,000 Gos?pel songs, and worked at a mu?sic pub?lish?ing house in Chi?ca?go.

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Count Your Blessings
Bekannte Melodien nicht im Gesangbuch
I?ll be a sunbeam (I?ll be a sunbeam)
Jesus bids us shine (Jesus bids us shine)
Let Him In (Let Him In)
In the Shadow of His Wings