Gesangbuch -alt-


This site provides background information to the hymns of the New Apostolic Church Hymnal. You will also find lyrics, sound, photos, links, an online searchable concordance and MIDI files. To be able to hear the music, you'll need speakers, a sound card & a browser that supports MIDI files.

Please Note:

Most of the translations of these hymns and the musical arrangements are copyright - protected, and commercial usage thereof is strictly prohibited.


The views and opinions expressed on these pages do not reflect those of the New Apostolic Church, nor have the contents of these pages been approved by the New Apostolic Church.


This site is a collaborative effort by Rainer Schröter and David de la Croes. Rainer, who lives in Wiesbaden, Germany, has provided almost all of the music files on this site, and also the text of the German and French hymnals, and the German choir hymnal. He is also the financial sponsor of this site. David, who lives in Africa, is the administrator of this site, and does all the web programming.

A number of other people has also contributed to this site. They are
Miguel Guerrero of Ecuador
Arthur Mulder of the Netherlands
Laurent Boetzle of Strasbourg, France
Juergen Dissinger,Jens Oesker and Hans Zwiener helped with the editing of the choir hymnal.